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There is a general misconception about the use of asbestos products being used in isolated industries and that only large manufacturing plants posed real dangers to American workers and their families. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth because the reality is asbestos contamination was so wide spread, that millions of American have been contaminated in jobs ranging from paper mill works to navy boiler tenders. Even right here in Pensacola, 79 individual job sites have been identified as having been asbestos contaminated such as Monsanto, Gulf Power Co, and Champion Paper among others, with hundreds more in Panama City, Milton, Pace, Gonzalez and Cantonment. These numbers don’t reflect the number of naval vessels that have visited our ports over the years. Between World War One, right through the Vietnam War, asbestos products were used in just about every vessel in the U.S. Navy, Merchant Marines and U.S. Coast Guard. From wrapping steam lines and pipe fittings to fireproofing ships, bulkheads and hatches, asbestos products were in abundant use in naval vessels and shipyards. Service men often came into direct contact and exposure to asbestos dust and particles, due to routine on-board maintenance.  Besides asbestos exposure taking place in Florida towns and at our shores, there are literally thousands of job sites around the United States and Canada that have been identified where asbestos exposure has taken place. Many of these workers have chosen to settle in and around Florida’s panhandle, due to our beautiful beaches and warm, sunny climate.

Why Terrell Hogan?

Since 1974, Terrell Hogan has represented thousands of personal injury victims and their families. Our Mesothelioma department was started in 1980 to handle the growing number of asbestos related cases. Terrell Hogan was the first Florida Firm to get an asbestos verdict for an injured asbestos victim. Alan Pickert, our Asbestos and Mesothelioma Attorney, specializes in bringing financial relief to families affected by this toxic exposure because American companies and manufacturers knew of the inherent dangers of asbestos but chose to put profits over the health and safety of their workers.

If you, a loved one, or a family member were exposed to Asbestos and have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer we are so sorry for this avoidable disease. For over 26 years, Alan Pickett has represented innocent victims and their families, from all over Florida, confronting this terrible tragedy. We have successfully represented over 4000 asbestos victims and their families, recovering over $135 million dollars in verdicts and settlements. Hardworking men and women who believed their occupations and working environments were safe and hazard free. Since the 1930’s, asbestos manufacturers have known about the health risks associated with their products and concealed it from the working public. The US government waited until the 1970’s to take action and in 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally banned all new uses of asbestos.


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