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Since 1974, the law firm of Terrell Hogan has represented thousands of individuals and their families injured through the negligence and careless actions of others. Personal injury representation is practiced by a multitude of attorneys but handling product liability claims like the effects of asbestos exposure is a highly specialized field of law practiced by very few qualified attorneys.

Because of the nature of many companies who intentionally commit a wrongful act such as prescribing to the falsehood that being exposed to asbestos is not harmful, knowing full well of its dangers, billions of dollars have been set aside in a fund to compensate individuals who fall victim to this crime.

Many of these victims have retired to Panama City Florida from all parts of the country. Laborers, seamen, and employees who worked in mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and automotive fields where asbestos products were widely used and where this deadly exposure took place.

Coined “the world’s most beautiful beaches” Panama City Beach has served as the beach of choice for many residents of the southeast, Alabama, and Southwest Georgia, and with its proximity to the I-10 corridor and its roughly 3000 hours of annual sunshine makes this area an attractive place to live.

Neighboring communities of Lynn Haven, Southport, Tyndall AFB, Mexico Beach, and Port St. Joe have also been popular spots on Florida’s Gulf Coast for retirees coming from all walks of life and from all over the United States.

Terrell Hogans Asbestos Experience

Terrell Hogan started representing victims of asbestos exposure back in 1984 and actually received the first verdict in a lawsuit against an asbestos manufacturer in the state of Florida. Our lead trial attorney and mesothelioma expert, Alan Pickert, is very experienced in representing individuals diagnosed with Mesothelioma, lung cancer, and Asbestosis. Through his legal efforts, thousands of families have received financial compensation for the devastating injuries that exposure to asbestos causes. Alan has represented many panhandle residents who were exposed to asbestos when employed in the construction, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and automotive trades.

Alan was also a former resident of Panama City Beach for many years and has represented numerous asbestos cancer victims from not only Panama City and Panama City Beach but Wewa and Lynn Haven as well.  The St. Joe Paper Companies plant was located in Wewahitchka (locals call it WeWa) for many years and exposed many workers to asbestos contamination before it closed down. Alan represented over 15 asbestos-related cases from that plant alone.

Just like in Pensacola, where Alan lived during his formative years, residing with his family on the Pensacola NAS (naval air station), and in Cordova Park, where he also attended high school. Alan represented numerous retired Navy veterans and workers from the Cantonment Monsanto Plant where asbestos exposure ran rampant.


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Additional Asbestos Dangers

Because of the nature of asbestos exposure, workers and even some family members were placed in harm’s way by asbestos dust particles being ingested into their lungs, only to lay dormant until their contaminating properties caused serious injuries many years later. Workers who collected these deadly dust particles brought their contaminated garments home and without proper handling, wives’ sons and daughters might have been exposed without even knowing it. Alan has handled numerous cases of second-hand asbestos exposure on unsuspecting family members whose spouses, fathers and sons brought home dust on their clothing.

We Combine Compassion and Experience

Over the years, Alan has dedicated his legal career to representing victims of occupational asbestos exposure. He understands the harm and effects that Mesothelioma and lung cancer can have on an individual and their family.  He has always prescribed to the philosophy that you are not alone with this dreadful disease. He has visited clients where ever they are in hospital rooms, their homes, and unfortunately many in Hospice. Alan also understands the losses family members suffered from these terrible diseases and the atrocity of companies and industries who knew full-well the devastating effects of asbestos but choose to put profits ahead of worker safety.

Alan realizes that no two mesothelioma or lung cancer cases are the same but is committed to getting the best possible results for each client.  He has represented thousands of innocent victims of asbestos exposure and recovered over $150,000,000 million dollars in settlements and verdicts.

If you or your family have been exposed to asbestos, you probably have many unanswered questions.

  • How did I get this terrible disease?
  • How was I exposed to asbestos?
  • Did the manufacturers of the asbestos-containing products know that it was unsafe and not take steps to protect its workers?
  • Are any of my family members in jeopardy from my exposure?
  • Am I entitled to any type of compensation?
  • Who are the best, most experienced lawyers for my case?
  • What are my medical options?
  • What are my legal options?

To assist with some of these questions, we have developed this content-rich website, to provide you with information regarding the medical and legal issues you may be facing.

Please call us with any additional questions you may have, we are here to help. There is never a charge to call us and get answers to these and many other questions you are concerned about. We also never charge any costs or fees for handling your case unless we recover money for you.

We are so sorry you are going through this right now but look forward to helping you in any way we can.