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If you live or have lived in Mobile Alabama over the past 50 years and have worked in industries such as manufacturing, mining, power plants, oil fineries, or the shipbuilding or retrofitting industries, chances are you have been exposed to asbestos products in the workplace. Since the 1930’s, asbestos manufacturers and companies concealed the dangers of asbestos exposure and kept it from the general public and its workers. The US government waited until the 1970’s to take action and in 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally banned all new uses of asbestos.

According to the CDC’s most recent study, from 1999-2015, 524 Alabama residents died where malignant mesothelioma was mentioned on the death certificate as the underlying or contributing cause of death. Many of these cases were residents of Mobile and the surrounding areas where exposure to this deadly toxin led to serious health problems such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.


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Since 1974, Terrell Hogan has been assisting individuals and their families injured through the careless actions of others. In 1984, we began representing victims of asbestos exposure and actually received Florida’s first verdict against an asbestos manufacturer. Alan Pickert, our lead asbestos attorney has handled 1000’s of asbestos exposure cases involving manufacturers, miners, electric power plants, paper mills, shipbuilding, and naval and military personnel. Alan has an extensive legal track record of receiving successful verdicts for individuals exposed to this deadly toxin and diagnosed with its effects. Thousands of families have received financial compensation for the devastating injuries that asbestos exposure causes. Alan specializes in helping all types of workers, many of whom now reside in the Mobile area and were exposed to asbestos when employed in the construction, manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding, or automotive trades.

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Mobile and the surrounding areas including Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, Bayou La Batre, Fairhope, and Daphne are popular spots on Mobile Bay and the Eastern Shore for retirees from all walks of life many of whom were exposed to asbestos in the workplace. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with any of the dreadful diseases caused by asbestos exposure we want to help.


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Over the years, Alan Pickert has dedicated his career to representing victims of occupational asbestos exposure. Alan understands first-hand the effects that Mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancers can have on an individual and their families. He has visited clients in their homes, hospital rooms, and unfortunately in Hospice in many areas of the country. He is very familiar with Mobile having grown up in Pensacola and is very sympathetic to the losses suffered by those who have contracted this terrible disease.

Alan’s only aim is to bring financial relief to those affected by one of the greatest wrongs perpetrated on the American worker. Many companies and manufacturers knew of the dangers of asbestos exposure but put profits ahead of worker safety.

If you, a loved one, or a family member were exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer or Asbestosis, you are not alone. Alan has represented 1000’s of innocent victims and their families, from all over Alabama and Mobile confronting these terrible diseases. With over 4000 cases handled and recovering over $150 million dollars in verdicts and awards, Alan has the reputation and experience to help win your case for you.

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Alan is ready to assist you with these answers and many more questions you may have. Our website, was designed to provide information regarding the medical and legal issues you are facing.

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