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Terrell Hogan, formed in 1974, is the largest jury trial firm in Northeast Florida representing only victims injured by negligence, intentional wrongdoing or defective products. Conveniently located in downtown Jacksonville (five bridges and two interstate highways provide easy access to our office with plenty of parking), Terrell Hogan is dedicated to providing thorough representation to injury victims seeking justice. This “leave no stone unturned” philosophy has always been the key to success for the firm’s clients.

The right of access to the courts and right of trial by jury are enshrined in our Florida Constitution. Steadily dedicated to fighting for the rights of innocent victims, and seeking the vindication they deserve, Wayne Hogan and his fellow civil justice attorneys and staff sincerely respect our clients and serve them with dedication, sensitivity and strength.

Facing physical, emotional and financial trauma can be devastating to even the strongest of us. However, our Constitution and our laws are designed to protect victims of personal injury. When our clients know they have an advocate on their side, they can make it through even the most difficult times. Everyone at Terrell Hogan understands that personal injury victims are often going through the most traumatic times of their lives and enduring disastrous financial expense, grinding pain and suffering, or even the loss forever of someone very dear to them. This devastation to the lives of those we serve causes us to consider it our personal responsibility to bring swiftly to justice those whose wrongs produced the suffering.

A law firm is only as good as the people in it. And at Terrell, Hogan we’re surrounded by many of the brightest minds in the legal profession. Our attorneys have excellent educational backgrounds and experience, engage in constant continuing education, and, most importantly, they all share a sense of compassion, dedication and desire to represent our clients to best of their ability.

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Mesothelioma Attorneys

With over 50 years of combined experience, we have tried many asbestos cases to juries, and have obtained some of the largest jury verdicts in Florida for compensation and for punitive damages for victims of asbestos diseases. Representing over 4000 asbestos cases for over 25 years, Alan has successfully recovered over $135 million dollars in damages and is dedicated exclusively to assisting asbestos victims and their families throughout the state of Florida and beyond.   Newsweek recently named Alan Pickert in their magazine as one of the top asbestos lawyers in the United States.  If you or your loved ones were exposed to asbestos and consequently developed mesothelioma or lung cancer from that exposure, you deserve to have compassionate, capable, and experienced legal representation. We are here to help.

Our Legal Staff

Jenna Matejcek / Legal Assistant

Jenna Matejcek joined the Terrell Hogan Asbestos Department in 2008.  Jenna now works as the initial contact for all clients to discuss their claims.  Friendly and patient, she helps callers decide how the firm can best help them.

Jenna also uses the relationships she’s developed with experts in the field, doctors, and pathologists to quickly collect evidence to support our clients’ claims.  Her attention to detail and excellent rapport with the health community helps the firm efficiently resolve cases.

Jenna holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and a Certificate in Polygraph.

Outside the office, Jenna occupies herself with her love of baking.  In addition to having 3 rescue dogs and 1 cat in her pack, Jenna and her family foster dogs with Florida Urgent Rescue and have fostered over 25 dogs in the last three years.

Jennifer D. Nelson / Legal Assistant

Jennifer is a North Florida native and has worked for Terrell Hogan for over twenty years.  She began working exclusively with the Johns Manville bankruptcy and now handles all of the claims for 60+ bankruptcy trusts. With her exceptional analytical skills, she is able to dissect the requirements of the various trusts in an effort to maximize the value of each case. Jennifer is relentless in her pursuit of each and every claim available to our Terrell Hogan clients and prides herself on the high percentage of claims settled as well as her excellent client relations skills.

Jennifer attended the University of N. Florida and enjoys spending time with family, much of which is spent on the baseball field cheering for her youngest son. She also enjoys boating, movies and philanthropy projects. She has served on various boards, most related to her children’s school activities.

Erin Martin / Legal Assistant

Erin joined the Asbestos Department at Terrell Hogan over twenty-five years ago. Her work is primarily focused on the settlement process and over her career she has processed settlements from inception to disbursement for thousands of clients. As a legal assistant, she often corresponds with clients by phone and in person and schedules the numerous hearings and depositions that Anita and Alan attend. Her experience and knowledge of asbestos litigation makes her a very valuable member of our team.

Erin is a native of Jacksonville and is the proud mother of 2 children, Olivia, 7, and Jake, 4.

Donna Ellis / Legal Assistant

Donna joined the Terrell Hogan Asbestos Department in October 2017.  Originally from Miami, Florida, she arrived with over twenty years’ experience in the asbestos litigation field.  Donna works along side Jennifer assisting with all the claims for the bankruptcy trusts.  She is a dedicated employee and her outstanding work ethic adds to the success of the Asbestos Department.

Donna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and graduated magna cum laude from Florida International University.  In her spare time she enjoys getting sand in her shoes and laughing with friends.