Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Terrell Hogan is to provide victims of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer a complete source of information about this dreadful disease: its history, cause, expected care and outcome as contained in this website. We feel this resource will aid in answering questions about the disease, care and treatment options that a family member or care-giver might have. Additionally, there are questions that those seeking assistance and compensation for asbestos injuries, ask us most frequently.



Why Choose Us?

Our staff are dedicated to our clients. We have to be. The diseases our clients have contracted are very serious and life-threatening, and the stakes are high. We believe each client is special and should be treated with the utmost care, respect, and individual attention we can give them. We are always available for our clients’ night and day. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest developments in asbestos medicine and research and changes in the law. We also pride ourselves in the amount of cases and recoveries we have secured for over 25 years.

We have set a very high standard of what we expect each case is worth to the victims and their families of this dreadful and avoidable disease. They say you only get one chance in life and unfortunately you only get one chance in these legal action to secure compensation for your injuries. That one chance is sacred to us because either we succeed or fail. Our belief is that failure is not an option. We understand what it takes to win, the hours of preparation, the travel involved to secure evidence and meet with patients, doctors’ caregivers and alike. We can’t fail in our responsibility to our clients or ourselves.

At Terrell Hogan, we have the resources, the dedication of two lawyers working together on your case, with a team of paralegals and professionals that take their knowledge of the law and experience of asbestos-related illnesses and put it to work for you. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in asbestos litigation. We have accumulated and maintain a vast database of information on defendants, companies, and asbestos-containing products.  Our office is located in Jacksonville, Florida and we primarily represent Florida residents, although their asbestos exposures could have occurred anywhere in the United States.  We also represent individuals living in other states who were exposed to asbestos in Florida.

What will it cost me to make a claim or file a lawsuit?

You are not responsible for any costs or fees unless we make a recovery for you.  You experience no out of pocket expenses.  We are so confident in our abilities and previous track record that you do not owe us one cent if no recovery is made.  Costs and fees incurred on your behalf are only recovered and deducted from proceeds when you obtain a settlement.  Our firm is conscious of the costs in each case and we attempt to keep them as low as possible.

How long will my claim or lawsuit take before I receive any money?

Our firm works hard to move your case as quickly as possible.  However, if a lawsuit is filed, the time interval depends on the diagnosis of your illness.  If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related cancer such as mesothelioma, there are provisions in the local court that allow us to set your case for trial as soon as six months from the time we file your case.  Each case is individual and special, and is handled by our firm with the utmost attention and care.

What will be required from me?

Our experienced staff makes this process relatively easy.  Our highly skilled paraprofessionals are there to assist you from start to finish, resulting in very little need for work on your part.  It is important for you to spend a little time helping us get to know you.  We have found that this is a mutually beneficial and enjoyable experience.  Most paperwork can be done via mail.  If we need to visit face-to-face, we come to you.

Will my case be part of a class action settlement?

Absolutely Not…  Terrell Hogan handles each case individually in order to maximize the recovery. Also, every case is different and unique. Our clients’ exposures to asbestos is unique and the type of disease and its effect on the patient are specific to them alone.

Have you handled similar asbestos cases like ours?

The answer is unequivocally, yes. For over 25 years, we have handled over 4000 mesotheliomas, asbestosis, lung cancer and cancer cases caused by asbestos exposure. We have represented just about every kind of worker, from every industry, military service, from all walks of life that were exposed to asbestos and years later became ill. We have also represented many family members and others, where second hand exposure to asbestos took place. Even though your particular case and the circumstances of how you or a loved one were contaminated may be different, the law and your right to fair and just compensation is the same.