Bankruptcy Trusts

Bankruptcy Trusts over $30 Billion in assets

According to the General Accounting Office, (GAO) of the U.S. Congress, “asbestos litigation arose out of millions of Americans’ lengthy occupational exposure to asbestos which is linked to malignant and nonmalignant diseases. Because of the prolific use of asbestos products in hundreds of manufactured products, involving thousands of companies, to date about 100 companies have declared bankruptcy at least partially due to asbestos-related liability. In accordance with Chapter 11 and 524(g) of the federal bankruptcy code, a company may transfer its liabilities and certain assets to an asbestos personal injury trust, which is then responsible for compensating present and future claimants.

Since 1988, 60 trusts have been established to pay claims with about $30 billion in total assets remaining”.

Additionally, the bankruptcy court requires an oversite of the assets and liability payouts by a trustee (s) responsible for the maintenance of the trust funds independent of the companies who established them. The asbestos trusts are privately managed and are generally comprised of at least one or more trustees, a trust advisory committee (TAC), and a future claimants’ representative (FCR). Trustees manage the daily operations of the trusts, including managing the trusts’ investments, hiring and supervising support staff and advisers, filing taxes, and submitting annual reports to the bankruptcy court, as required by the trusts’ TA.


Asbestos Trusts

T H. Agriculture Year 2008 Year 2009 T. H. Agriculture and Nutrition, LLC Asbestos Personal Injury Trust Active
ABB Lummus Year 2006 Year 2006 524-G Lummus Active
API Year 2005 Year 2006 API Asbestos Active
ASARCO Year 2005 Year 2009 ASARCO Asbestos PI Settlement Active
Brauer Year 2005 Year 2007 524 G Brauer Active
Lake Asbestos of Quebec Year 2005 Unknown ASARCO Asbestos PI Trust Active
Utex Year 2004 Year 2004 Utex Industries Trust Active
CE Thurston Year 2003 Year 2006 CE Thurston Active
Combustion Engineer. Year 2003 Year 2006 Combustion Engineering PI Tr. Active
Congoleum Year 2003 Year 2010 Plan: Congoleum Active
Halliburton Year 2003 Year 2004 DII Asbestos Personal Injury Trust Active
A-Best Prod. Year 2002 Year 2004 A-Best Asbestos Settlement Trust Active
A C & S Year 2002 Year 2008 AC&S Asbestos Settlement Trust Active
ARTRA Group Year 2002 Year 2007 ARTRA Asbestos Trust Active
ACMC Year 2002 Year 2003 NGC Bodily Inj Trust Active
Global Industrial Tech. Year 2002 Year 2007 DII Industries Asbestos PI Trust Active
JT Thorpe Year 2002 Year 2006 JTThorpe Settlement Trust Active
Plibrico Co. Year 2002 Year 2006 Plibrico Trust Active
Porter-Hayden Year 2002 Year 2006 Porter Hayden Injury Trust Active
Shook & Fletcher Year 2002 Year 2002 Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Trust Active
Western MacArthur Year 2002 Year 2004 Western Asbestos Trust Active
G-1 Holdings Year 2001 Year 2009 Asbestos PI Trust Active
United States Mineral Prod. Year 2001 Year 2005 US Mineral Products Asbestos PI Trust Active
USG Year 2001 Year 2006 US Gypsum Asbestos PI Trust Active
Armstrong World Industr. Year 2000 Year 2006 Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Pers. Inj. Settlem’t Trust Active
Babcock & Wilcox Year 2000 Year 2006 Babcock and Wilcox Company Asbestos PI Settlem. Trust Active
Burns & Roe Enterprises Year 2000 Year 2009 Burns & Roe Asbestos PI Sttlmt Tr. Active
E. J. Bartells Year 2000 Year 2001 Bartell’s Trust Settlement Active
Conglomerate Fibreboard Owens Corning Year 2000 Year 2006 Conglomerate Fibreboard Owens Corning Asbestos PI Trust Subfund Active
Fibreboard Year 2000 Year 2006 Fibreboard Asbestos PI Fibreboard Subf. Active
Stone & Webster Eng. 2000 2004 Stone and Webster Asbestos Trust Active
Asbestos & Insulation corp Year 1999 Year 2005 A and I Asbestos Bodily Inj. Trust Active
Lykes Brothers Steamship Year 1995 Year 1997 Lykes Trust Active
Keene Year 1993 Year 1996 Keene Trust Active
Eagle-Picher Industr. Year 1991 Year 1996 Eagle-Picher PI Settlement Trust Active
HK Porter Year 1991 Year 1998 HK Porter Trust Active
Carey Canada Year 1990 Year 1996 Celotex Asbestos Trust Active
Nat’l Gypsum Year 1990 Year 1993 NGC Bodily Injury Trust Active
Raymark Year 1989 Year 2000 Raytech Asb. PI Settlem. Trust Active
Pacor Year 1986 Year 1989 Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust Active
Johns Manville Year 1982 Year 1987 Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust Active
UNR Industr. Year 1982 Year 1989 UNR Disease Settlement Claims Trust Active

Muralo Year 2003 Year 2007 Muralo Trust Inactive
Rutland Fireclay Year 1999 Year 2000 Rutland Fire Clay Company Asbestos In-active
Fuller – Austin Year 1998 Year 1998 Fuller-Austin Settlement Tr. Inactive
MH Detrick Year 1998 Year 2002 MH Detrick Asbestos Trust for Settlement Inactive
Rock Wool Mfg Year 1996 1999 Rock Wool Mfg Company Asbestos Trust Inactive
McLean Ind. Year 1986 Year 1989 US Lines & US Lines Inc. Reorg. Trust for Settlement Inactive
US Lines Year 1986 Year 1989 United States Lines, Inc. and United States Lines (S.A.) Inc. Reorganization Trust Inactive
48 Insulations Year 1985 Year 1995 Forty-Eight Insulations Qualified Settlement Trust Inactive
Wallace & Gale Year 1985 Year 1998 Wallace & Gale Co Asbestos Trust Inactive
Amatex Year 1982 Year 1990 Amatex Asbestos Disease Trust Fund Inactive
Prudential Lines Year 1989 PLI Disbursement Inactive

Pacific Insulation Year 2007 Year TBA Thorpe Ins. Co Asbestos PI Settlem. Trust Proposed
Thorpe Insul. Year 2007 Year TBA Thorpe Insulation Company Asbestos PI Settlemt Trust Proposed
Flintkote Year 2004 Year TBA Flintkote Company And Flintkote Mines Limited Asbestos Pers. Injury Trust Proposed
Pfizer Year 2004 Year TBA Quigley Co Inc. PI Trust Proposed
AP Green Year 2002 Year 2003 APG Asbestos Trust Proposed
WR Grace Year 2001 Year TBA WR Grace & Company Asbestos PI Settlement Tr. Proposed
Pittsb. Corning Year 2000 Year TBA Pittsburgh Corning Corporation Asbestos PI Trust Proposed

Bondex Year 2010 Year TBA Not yet determined with name
Durable Mfg company Year 2010 Year TBA uncertain
Garlock Sealing Tech Year 2010 Year TBA no name yet
General Motors Year 2009 Year TBA uncertain future
Plant Insulation Co. Year 2009 Year TBA
Christy Refract. Year 2008 Year TBA
Hercules Chem. Year 2008 Year 2009
Dana Corp. Year 2006 Year 2007
Lloyd Mitchell Year 2006 Year Unknown
ONCO Year 2004 Year 2004
Special Elec. Year 2004 Year 2006
Spec. Metals Year 2002 Year 2003
Murphy Marine svcs. Year 2001 Year 2002
Harnischfeger Year 1999 Year 2001
Brunswick Fabr’s. Year 1997 Year Unknown
American Ship building Year 1993 Year 1994
Kentile Floors Co. Year 1992 Year 1998
Delaware Insul’s. Year 1989 Year 1992
Hillsborough Holding Year 1989 Year 1995
Gatke Year 1987 Year 1991
Nicolet Year 1987 Year 1989
Todd Ship yards Year 1987 Year Unknown
Standard Insulations Year 1986 Year 1992
Water man Steam