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Since 1974, Terrell Hogan has represented 10’s of 1000’s of personal injury victims and their families. Our Jacksonville Mesothelioma department was started in 1980 to handle the growing number of asbestos related cases. Our Law Firm was the first Florida Firm to get an asbestos verdict for an injured asbestos victim. Anita Pryor and Alan Pickert specialize in bringing financial relief to families affected by Asbestos exposure.

If you, a loved one or family member were exposed to Asbestos and have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer we are so sorry for this terrible, avoidable tragedy. For over 26 years Anita Pryor and I have been representing innocent victims and their families confronting this disease. We have successfully represented over 4000 asbestos victims, recovering over $135 million dollars in verdicts and settlements. Hard working men and women believed their occupations and working environments were safe. In most cases they worked for manufacturers and companies that knew of the hazards of asbestos exposure but put profits ahead of safety.

Since the early 1930’s, asbestos manufacturers have known about the health risks associated with their products and concealed it from the general public. Even the US government waited until the 1970’s to take action and it was not until 1989 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all new uses of asbestos.

Over the years Anita and I have helped 1000’s of innocent victims and their families who have contracted Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer from Asbestos exposure. We understand what it takes to care for the victim of this terrible disease. The late at night hospital stays to be close to a loved one and the feeling of complete hopelessness. You are not alone. We have visited those hospital rooms and the homes of families caught up in this 20th century miscarriage of justice.  Working men and women, who, through no fault of their own, now confront a disease where no cure has been found. We understand the pain and suffering and we are furious that this type of law has to be practiced and that these types of diseases even exist.

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Alan and I are very sensitive to the complex problems and medical issues facing every asbestos victim we see. Most of our clients were in fairly good health, retired or looking forward to retirement and spending time with their grandchildren and family. Then, all of a sudden, from out of the blue, the asbestos dust and particles lying dormant in their lungs become a full-fledged life threatening disease. Years and years later, they get sick, when they should be enjoying the twilight of their years.

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Why Choose Us?

Anita Pryor and Alan Pickert are dedicated to our clients.  We believe each client is special and should be treated with respect. 

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Customers Speak Out

Anita and I are very proud of the unsolicited comments our clients have made about us and our staff. Here is a sampling of what they had to say.

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$30 Billion In Trusts

Since 1984, Terrell Hogan has been handling asbestos law suits on behalf of victims of asbestos exposure and has extensive experience in recoveries made from the Bankruptcy Trust Funds.

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Caregivers Are Sacred

It is very important if you become a caregiver or join the support of others providing care for a mesothelioma patient, that you understand your role and exercise your support without sacrificing yourself.

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